Lumenis Lightsheer ET


Backed by long-term clinical data, the LightSheer system has the ability to permanently reduce hair growth and treat the entire range of skin colors and hair types, satisfying hundreds of thousands of patients and their providers worldwide. The ChillTip handpiece provides the ultimate in epidermal contact cooling and compression, increasing penetration of laser energy to the base of the follicle. The LightSheer system's efficiency, expanded applications, and excellent clinical results offer a new opportunity for practice growth and increased procedure volume

LightSheer applications:

  • - Hair reduction

  • - Wrinkle reduction

  • - Lentigines

  • - Leg Veins

Annual Income $35,301.28

Laser Hair RemovalRentalAverage RetailTimeCasesAnnual Revenue
Eyebrows $54.13$108.261012$649.56
Cheeks $54.13$108.261036$1,948.68
Chin $54.13$108.261036$1,948.68
Ears $54.13$108.26104$216.52
Lip $54.13$108.261036$1,948.68
Neck Front $54.13$108.26106$324.78
Neck Back $54.13$108.26106$324.78
Sideburns $54.13$108.26106$324.78
Forehead $54.13$108.26106$324.78
Feet $70.36$140.72154$281.44
Hands $70.36$140.72155$351.80
Abdomen $108.25$216.50205$541.25
Bikini $108.25$216.502060$6495
Brazilian $162.38$324.762524$3,897.12
Full Face $108.25$216.502010$1,082.50
Chest $108.25$216.502060$6,495
Underarms $189.44$378.88306$947.20
Flanks $189.44$378.88302$378.88
Forearms/Upper Legs  $189.44$378.882510$1,894.40
Shoulders  $189.44$378.88256$1,136.64
Lower/Upper Legs  $270.63$541.25456$1,623.78
Back  $270.63$541.25456$1,623.78
Buttocks  $270.63$541.25302$541.25