Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Utilizing radiofrequency energy, this non-surgical vulvovaginal rejuvenation procedure could not be simpler. In three 30-minute treatments, spread one month apart, the radiofrequency heat produced from this device stimulates collagen growth in the vulvovaginal area, which produces a plethora of benefits. Following are some of the benefits of treatment with ThermiVa:

- Less painful intercourse, due to increased moisture
- Increased sensation to the area
- More frequent, stronger orgasms
- Improved laxity, or looseness, in the labia majora and labia minora
- Vaginal canal tightening
- Reduced problems with incontinence, including postpartum incontinence
- Decreased hyperpigmentation, or lightening of skin around the area


Average Retail: $1325/treatment

Rental Pricing : $662.50/treatment