MedLite C6

Hoya Con Bio Medlite C6 Laser System 532 nm, 1064 nm - Q-switched

The Hoya Con Bio Medlite C6 laser system stands out among other cosmetic laser systems because it offers one of the most powerful Q-switched laser systems available on the market. With a Hoya Con Bio MedLite C^ laser machine, dermatologists, aestheticians, medical spa personnel and other health professionals have the option of putting that powerful laser to work for multiple applications, including laser hair removal and multi-color tattoo removal.
Hoya Con Bio Medlite C^ Laser System Applications:

  • Laser hair removal

  • Multi-color tattoo removal

  • Vascular lesion removal

  • Pigmented lesion removal

Tattoo Removal


Tattoo/Birthmark Pigmented Lesion Removal

Pigmanted Lesion TreatmentRentalAverage RetailAnnul CasesAnnual Revenue
Forst 20 Minutes  $160.00$320.0036 $5,760.00
Each Additional 10 Minutes  $80.00$160.0010 $800.00
Test Spots  $80.00$160.005 $400.00
Annual Revenue    $6960.00