Candela VBeam

Vbeam 595 nm- Variable Pulse Dye

The Vbeam produces an intense but gentle burst of light that selectively eliminates the blood vessels and redness within the treated area, without damaging the surrounding tissue.
The Vbeam laser is an effective treatment for:

  • - Face veins (telangiectasias)

  • - Spider veins (legs)

  • - Generalized redness of the face, neck and chest

  • - Rosacea

  • - Hemangiomas (large and small red bumps or growths)

  • - Red birthmarks (port wine stains)

  • - Other vascular lesions, including venous lakes (blue spots,

  •   usually found on lips)

  • - Pink or red scars and stretch marks

  • - Brown pigmentation and freckles

  • - Wrinkles around the eyes

  • - Poikiloderma (redness of the neck

Facial Telangiectasia
Port Wine Stain
Cherry Angioma
Stretch Marks
Scar revision
Leg Veins
Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner 
Café au lait
Nevus of Ota


Vascular TreatmentRentalAverage RetailAnnual CasesToatal Revenue
First 100 Pulses $150$30036$5,400
Each Additional Pulse  $0.50$1300$150
Test Spots  $75$15030$2,250
Annual Revenue    $7,800